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Hungry in DC: The "Balkan experience" at Ambar DC

We can all agree that DC is a smorgasbord of global cuisine, but there are not too many places for Balkan cuisine!  Enter Ambar.  Ambar has been open for a couple of years now, serving up Balkan specialties, in tapa style small plates. When they opened, I had a fantastic meal with friends trying out the cuisine for the first time. I recently went back for dinner, and although I’m not too familiar with Balkan food, I can definitely say this place has turned me on to it!

There’s always so much to learn in the world of food and drink. Daikaya’s Ramen 101 classes, held on scheduled Saturday mornings, are the perfect start to learn about the big world of ramen. I attended this class recently, and came away with a whole new appreciation and understanding of this intricate dish.  

I first learned more about Chef Edward Lee from watching the PBS show “The Mind of a Chef”. Chef Lee is a Korean-American who grew up in Brooklyn but has a popular Southern-Asian-New York inspired restaurant in Lousiville, KY! An eclectic mix – which comes from his Asian heritage, New York experience, love for the American South, and ingredients from local farms.

Chef Lee just opened his first restaurant in the DC area with Succotash in the National Harbor. Chef Lee, while not in the kitchen, works on different collaborations from small batch bourbon to his latest venture – “gochujang” sauce with Korean company Chung Jung One.