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Jardenea at the Melrose Hotel - A pleasant surprise

Located inside the chic Melrose Hotel in DC’s West End is Jardenea, a seasonally driven, farm to fork restaurant that has a heavy focus on sustainability. DC’s hotel restaurants tend to be hit or miss, and Jardenea is a definite HIT! When we went in for a recent dinner, we didn’t really know what to expect, but they truly surprised and impressed us in the best way possible.

Equinox DC - The Vegan Brunch You Need to Try

Equinox is an elegant, upscale restaurant focusing on New American food and is really a classic in DC.  They are well known for their focus on vegetable dishes as well, so I was super excited to try their popular Sunday vegan brunch buffet.

Vegan brunch is hard to come by in the city, so I was kinda interested to check out a spot that broke away from the traditional brunch items. Equinox’s brunch definitely has some traditional items, but also included lots of unexpected twists and turns that were interesting and delicious.

Mangia DC Food tour - What I enjoyed

I’ve lived in Washington, DC for almost 7 years now, and am still discovering some of the hidden treasures in the city, and have an ever expanding list of places to try! What better way to knock a few off the list than with a food tour! I tried the Mangia DC Georgetown Food tour a few days back and am happy to report that I got to try a couple places on my list, and discovered a couple of interesting fun facts about the city I call home now!

The lighter side of Takoda's menu

There are days when I just want to eat Takoda's chicken and waffles with a side of the rosemary parmesan tots, but there are other days when I can really do with eating a bit lighter.  For those latter kinda days, I'm happy to see some menu additions and changes just in time to prep for summer.. I tried some of these new additions recently, and am happy to report that they still keep the excitement to the taste buds and allowing me to make better choices.

Fogo De Chao - Yes, Please! (Also, what you didn't know)

“gauchos”, who are essentially the South American version of cowboys, extremely skilled at this method of cooking Waiters then bring the cooked meats around on spits, portioning out pieces for customers tableside. Part of the fun for customers is in using the card at the table to indicate whether to keep the meat coming (Green!) or hold off (red!). There is also a popular market table salad bar which is very extensive – with a variety of salads, cured meats, cheeses and a Feijoada bar of Brazilian sides.

Foodventures in Ivy City, DC - Dock FC, Ari's Diner, La Puerta Verde

Ari Gedjenson of the Mindful Restaurant Group, which also owns Ghibellina and Acqua Al 2, is one of the people who is really  investing a lot in this neighborhood, with the opening of 3 restaurants. Dock FC, Ari’s Diner, and La Puerta Verde are all located in the new Hecht warehouse development, and despite being right next to each other, they are each unique in their own way and are inspired by experiences in Ari’s life.