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A Thai Traveler’s bar. What the heck is that? Everyone knows Thailand is has been a popular traveler destination for many years now. I’ve never been, but apparently there are plenty of “expat bars” all over the country, owned by expats and locals alike, but with a diverse traveler customer base. That’s what Alfie’s is going after – a funky, fun bar where everyone and their stories are accepted, with some kickass food.

Pop-ups are all the rage in DC right now.  When Shaw restaurant Table announced a “Family Meal pop-up” last week, my friend Laetitia told me about it, and we signed up. I found the concept intriguing – basically you eat a typical pre-shift dinner with the chefs, kitchen and wait staff, eating what they would for their meal prior to the evening dinner service. The first family meal was held last week, and cost $20 (drinks additional).  It was announced through Table’s social media pages, and first 20 or so who “shared” their post on Facebook were guaranteed a spot. Now, since it’s a pre-shift dinner, it does start on the early side at 5pm. However, I planned my day accordingly and went hungry. I had not eaten at Table before, and the first thing that struck me was how beautiful the space is. It’s small and cozy, with tables along one side and the open kitchen on the other side.