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Where to Eat in Columbus, Ohio - a delicious surprise!

As I mentioned in my previous post where I talked about the Columbus Ale Trail, I really had absolutely no idea what to expect from the dining scene in Columbus (other than the fact that I knew I was going to stuff my face with Jeni’s). And that was mostly due to a complete lack of knowledge about it.  I spent 3 days there and my challenge really was not in finding great food, but in not having enough time to try more and having to pick and choose! That being said, we didn’t just eat well, we ate RIDICULOUSLY well.  

Ottoman Taverna - A true Turkish delight!

Ottoman Taverna is the latest restaurant by restaurateur Hakan Ilhan in the Mount Vernon triangle neighborhood, where he also runs Alba Osteria and L’Hommage Bistro. Hakan runs over 20 restaurants, eateries, and gourmet markets in the area, but he waited a long time before opening one fashioned after his own Turkish roots. Why, you ask? He wanted to get it right.

And get it right he did!

Takoda DC - Rooftop beer garden, whiskey bar, and modern American food

It seems as if there is a new restaurant opening in Shaw every other day! I’m definitely not complaining. The newest addition to the scene is Takoda –  a rooftop beer garden a modern American menu.

What’s in a name? TAKODA is a Native American name that means “Friend to Everyone” – and that’s what they are aiming to be and based on my first experience there, I am definitely happy to be their friend!

Firstly, Healthy and Chinese are not two words I typically use in the same sentence. Secondly, Rosslyn, Virginia is no dining destination in my mind.  Challenging both those notions is Secret Chopsticks, which just opened in Rosslyn, and serves authentic, HEALTHY Chinese fare with a contemporary twist.  Curiosity aroused!  I soon realized that Secret Chopsticks is not going to be the typical MSG laden take out style “Chinese” food.

One of my favorite things about Spain is the number of local food markets in the cities. When you want a change from the restaurant/café scene, a visit to a local market is perfect. I truly believe that one of the best ways to experience a local food culture is by going to the local markets.

Of course, the famous La Boqueria food market is on everyone’s list, including ours, but for a truly local version (read: way less touristy), visit the Mercat Santa Caterina.  Set in the beautiful and trendy El born district of Barcelona, it is only a short 15 minute walk from the Las Ramblas neighborhood.

The Basque country in Northern Spain has been famous for their cider (sidra)  production and the accompanying traditional Basque dinner in a cider house. There, apples are harvested in the fall and then placed in oak barrels to ferment. Following the fermentation process, producers begin to host “Cider Dinners”, where guests enjoy menus served family style, and drink all the cider they can. During these dinners, when someone yells “Txotx” (pronounced choch), diners grab their glasses and head for the barrels for a refill.

Pop-ups are all the rage in DC right now.  When Shaw restaurant Table announced a “Family Meal pop-up” last week, my friend Laetitia told me about it, and we signed up. I found the concept intriguing – basically you eat a typical pre-shift dinner with the chefs, kitchen and wait staff, eating what they would for their meal prior to the evening dinner service. The first family meal was held last week, and cost $20 (drinks additional).  It was announced through Table’s social media pages, and first 20 or so who “shared” their post on Facebook were guaranteed a spot. Now, since it’s a pre-shift dinner, it does start on the early side at 5pm. However, I planned my day accordingly and went hungry. I had not eaten at Table before, and the first thing that struck me was how beautiful the space is. It’s small and cozy, with tables along one side and the open kitchen on the other side.