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Jardenea at the Melrose Hotel - A pleasant surprise

Located inside the chic Melrose Hotel in DC’s West End is Jardenea, a seasonally driven, farm to fork restaurant that has a heavy focus on sustainability. DC’s hotel restaurants tend to be hit or miss, and Jardenea is a definite HIT! When we went in for a recent dinner, we didn’t really know what to expect, but they truly surprised and impressed us in the best way possible.

After a long day of whitewater rafting, our agenda for the evening was to enjoy a farm to table dinner at The Shawnee Craft Brewery at The Shawnee Inn. The brewery is on the Shawnee Inn premises, which also houses the Shawnee Island Farm where a lot of the produce and herbs are grown.  

Chef Tallada prepared a special 4 course menu for us, comprised of all locally sourced ingredients, many of which came from the Shawnee Island Farm. Each of the courses was paired with one of their beers. It was also lovely to have some of the farmers and local vendors join us for dinner and share their stories.