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#FoodCulture - Turkish Tea and Coffee, featuring Ankara DC

Turkish coffee and tea are well known for their robust flavors, and the preparation and consumption of coffee and tea are both integral to Turkish culture and daily life. After enjoying a fantastic brunch at Turkish restaurant Ankara with endless cups of tea, and a cup of strong Turkish coffee complete with fortune reading, I was curious to learn more about the importance of coffee/tea in Turkish culture. I sat with Erin Gorman (co-owner along with her husband Utku Aslanturk), to learn a bit more about this …over a cup of tea, of course!

The Pocono Mountains, more commonly referred to as the Poconos, are a large area of 2400 square miles, with mountains, lakes (over 150!), and valleys. Needless to say, that makes it an attractive destination for outdoor activities all seasons.

It is only a couple of hours away from NYC and Philadelphia, and just under 4 hours from the DC area, which makes it an easy weekend getaway. I enjoyed a fabulous 48 hours in the Pocono Mountains with the DC Travel Blogger group, but it has so much to offer, whether for a weekend getaway or a longer time