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With so many great food choices in DC, finding the right places to eat is no easy task! While I struggle with making a choice many times (only because there are so many!), I can only imagine that problem compounded for someone who has only a short time in the city. Luckily, there is now a solution to this problem that all DC foodies or visitors will face: the new food tours from Carpe DC.

The Basque country in Northern Spain has been famous for their cider (sidra)  production and the accompanying traditional Basque dinner in a cider house. There, apples are harvested in the fall and then placed in oak barrels to ferment. Following the fermentation process, producers begin to host “Cider Dinners”, where guests enjoy menus served family style, and drink all the cider they can. During these dinners, when someone yells “Txotx” (pronounced choch), diners grab their glasses and head for the barrels for a refill.