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Hungry in DC: The "Balkan experience" at Ambar DC

We can all agree that DC is a smorgasbord of global cuisine, but there are not too many places for Balkan cuisine!  Enter Ambar.  Ambar has been open for a couple of years now, serving up Balkan specialties, in tapa style small plates. When they opened, I had a fantastic meal with friends trying out the cuisine for the first time. I recently went back for dinner, and although I’m not too familiar with Balkan food, I can definitely say this place has turned me on to it!

A Thai Traveler’s bar. What the heck is that? Everyone knows Thailand is has been a popular traveler destination for many years now. I’ve never been, but apparently there are plenty of “expat bars” all over the country, owned by expats and locals alike, but with a diverse traveler customer base. That’s what Alfie’s is going after – a funky, fun bar where everyone and their stories are accepted, with some kickass food.