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Comfort and Convenience at The Windsor Suites, Philadelphia

For most DC folks, a weekend away to another city means a trip to NYC. We’ve done that numerous times so decided to change things up and head to Philadelphia instead.We stayed at The Windsor Suites, which is part of the Modus group of hotels. I have previously confessed my love for Modus Hotels when The Quincy in DC, which has since been sold, was a part of the Modus family. Further cementing that love was my recent experience at The Windsor Suites.

Safari in Maasai Mara National Park, Kenya - A Photo Feature

Although it's been over 3 years since we went on an epic trip to Kenya, we still talk about it on a regular basis and are ready to go back there in a heartbeat!  That trip was filled with many unforgettable experiences, with a highlight being our 3 day safari in Maasai Mara National Park. It's hard to explain what an amazing experience it truly is so I'll just share some photos with you instead. 

A sweet buzz at the Fairmont Washington - 3 ways to try their rooftop honey

During my recent stay at the Fairmont Washington, I learned of their rooftop honeybee hives, from which they harvest honey to use.  This is not the hotel’s first foray into sustainable farming – their beautiful courtyard is already home to fresh herbs and edible flowers that are used in the hotel’s culinary programs and at the Juniper restaurant.  A few years back, as the Fairmont looked into new and creative ways to enhance their sustainability program, the honeybee program was initiated and is now being done in many different Fairmont properties across the country and internationally. 

Exploring the Uros floating islands of Lake Titicaca, Peru

When planning a trip to Peru, Lake Titicaca is not always at the top of one’s priority list. Peru normally brings images of Machu Picchu or the Nazca lines, but the lake definitely deserves to be right up there! The lake is the highest navigable (by commercial craft) lake in the world – at 12,500 feet above sea level, and is the largest in South America, at over 8000 square kilometers. Sitting at the border between Peru and Bolivia, we started our exploration of the lake from the commercialized port city of Puno in Peru.

Signature banana bread at The Mayflower hotel

The Mayflower is one of the most historic hotels in DC – it has been home to Presidential Inaugural balls, the spot for the power lunches of power lunches, scandal and gossip, and is known as DC’s “second best address” (the first being the White House, of course). But it is also known for something else – BANANA BREAD. Yep, the hotel has been making banana bread since the 1950’s and it has become one of the hotel’s signature items, used in the hotel’s turn down amenities, served in the hotel’s Edgar restaurant, and even as dessert at many weddings in the hotel!

#FoodCulture - Turkish Tea and Coffee, featuring Ankara DC

Turkish coffee and tea are well known for their robust flavors, and the preparation and consumption of coffee and tea are both integral to Turkish culture and daily life. After enjoying a fantastic brunch at Turkish restaurant Ankara with endless cups of tea, and a cup of strong Turkish coffee complete with fortune reading, I was curious to learn more about the importance of coffee/tea in Turkish culture. I sat with Erin Gorman (co-owner along with her husband Utku Aslanturk), to learn a bit more about this …over a cup of tea, of course!